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Avoiding the Burnout Trap: Understanding and Preventing Burnout

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This workshop delves deep into understanding and preventing burnout, not just as a professional challenge, but as a vital component of our overall well-being and family dynamics. We will discuss how burnout doesn’t affect just our work life; it also has profound implications for our emotional health, mental clarity, and the quality of our familial relationships.

What you’ll experience:

  1. An understanding of the 12 Stages of Burnout:  We’ll take an in-depth exploration of burnout's stages to improve self-awareness and recognition of the signs in your personal and professional life.
  2. Identification of the Risk Factors: You’ll uncover your personal susceptibilities and triggers for burnout, fostering a deeper understanding of your unique challenges.
  3. Cultivate Resilience Strategies: You’ll learn empowering techniques to mitigate burnout, emphasizing the creation of a harmonious work-life balance that nurtures family interactions and personal growth.

Impact on Family Legacy:

  • Breaking Cycles: Understand how overcoming burnout contributes to breaking negative family cycles, setting a healthier precedent for future generations.
  • Enhancing Family Dynamics: Learn how personal well-being directly influences the quality of family relationships and interactions, promoting a more nurturing and supportive family environment.

Why This Learning is Important:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Burnout: Learn the far-reaching effects of burnout and gain a deeper understanding of its impact on every aspect of life.
  • Enhanced Work-Life Balance: The workshop equips participants with strategies for maintaining a healthier balance, essential for long-term personal and professional satisfaction.
  • Strengthened Family Relationships: By acknowledging the influence of personal stress on family dynamics, you’ll gain insights for nurturing stronger, more supportive family bonds.
  • Emphasis on Mental and Emotional Health: The focus on emotional and mental well-being is critical in a time when the issues of burnout are increasingly prevalent. The goal is to promote quality life and relationships.
  • Resilience and Coping Skills: The workshop helps build resilience and coping mechanisms, empowering individuals to handle life's stressors more effectively.
  • Legacy and Influence on Future Generations: It addresses the importance of setting a positive example for future generations, shaping a healthier family legacy.

This workshop aims to help solve several common problems and challenges:

  1. Professional Burnout: Addresses the issue of chronic stress and exhaustion due to work pressures. Participants learn to identify and understand the stages of burnout, and how it can affect their job performance and overall satisfaction.
  2. Work-Life Imbalance: Tackles the challenge of maintaining a healthy balance between professional responsibilities and personal life, including family time, hobbies, and self-care.
  3. Family Relationship Strains: Focuses on how personal stress and burnout can spill over into family life, affecting relationships with partners, children, and other family members. The workshop provides strategies to enhance communication and interaction within the family.
  4. Emotional and Mental Health: Emphasizes the importance of emotional well-being and mental health, and how neglecting these aspects can contribute to burnout. The workshop offers tools for managing stress, building emotional resilience, and fostering mental clarity.
  5. Neglect of Personal Needs and Self-Care: Addresses the common problem of individuals neglecting their own needs while trying to meet work demands or family responsibilities. Participants learn to create and maintain self-care routines that support their well-being.
  6. Difficulty Setting Boundaries: Helps individuals struggling with setting and maintaining effective boundaries in both their professional and personal lives, which is essential for preventing burnout and maintaining healthy relationships.
  7. Impact on Family Legacy and Dynamics: Explores the long-term impact of burnout on family legacy, including the modeling of stress management and work-life balance for future generations. The workshop encourages the development of practices that positively influence family dynamics.
  8. Lack of Support Systems: Addresses the need for supportive environments and communities in managing burnout and obtaining help.

Join us for an interactive workshop that addresses the multifaceted nature of burnout and equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to enhance their quality of life, improve family relationships, and contribute positively to their workplaces and communities.

Reserve your spot now and begin the journey from burnout to an improved approach that aligns with your personal values and family lifestyle.  Contribute more positively to your family legacy by modeling well-being for future generations. 

Program Location: Virtual

Cost:  $129 

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Transformational Coach and Workshop Leader

Lisane Basquiat is the Founder and CEO of Shaping Freedom. She is a former corporate executive turned life strategist, passionate about empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Through Shaping Freedom, she helps clients tap into their inner wisdom and overcome personal challenges. Lisane is also the owner of Hera Hub Carlsbad, a coworking space dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs. In addition to her work in personal and spiritual growth, she serves as the co-administrator of the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat and co-curator of the acclaimed "Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure" exhibition, further showcasing her dedication to preserving and promoting her family's legacy.

Lisane trains individuals on how to gain empowerment through internal congruence and spiritual alignment, resulting in healthier familial dynamics and legacy. She helps people who are seeking ways to feel freer, be more empowered and aligned, and to have better results in their professional endeavors and personal relationships.

Board Certified by the Association of Integrative Psychology, Lisane Basquiat is a Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release® (MER) Therapy, a Master Reiki Practitioner, an Accredited Energy Leadership Coach, and certified professional coach.