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Virtual | 10:00 AM 3:00 PM

This workshop is designed for anyone feeling the weight of this year’s demands and in need of a powerful reset.

If 2024 has you feeling overwhelmed, and on a cycle of frustrating behavioral patterns, or if you are simply ready for a fresh start and a chance to refocus your energy, then a mid-year reset could be the medicine you want and need.

This transformative experience puts you in a community with others who want to invest in obtaining new insights, a fresh perspective, and practical tools for enhanced well-being and a stronger close to this year.

July 20th | $300 | Virtual

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It’s the little rituals like stretching and meditating that bring self-connection, peace and enrichment to your everyday life. 

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Kind Words...

I was surprised at how finding out that I had so much in common with every single person in the room that was an a-ha moment! I was happily surprised and I still feel the warmth of that knowledge. It was a privilege to spend the day with a group that was so willing and able to be authentic and transparent.

Virginia R.

Kind Words...

The things that have served me no longer serve me in the same capacity. It's time for me to release and soften up a bit so I can enjoy my life more fully - and also to attract more abundance that I deserve.

Jessica H.

Kind Words...

Shaping Sanctuary™ yoga mats are going to transmute stagnant, anxious and restless energy with welcomed stillness and inspiration that calms and frees you.

Stella O.

Welcome Back, To Yourself.

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